Now More Important than Ever: Legal Conference in Philadelphia on Climate Change

The result of the American presidential election highlights the need for bipartisan support for fighting climate change. The law and legal framework proposed to date can be used to build a variety of solutions to climate change, including harnessing the power of free markets to stimulate investment and growth in alternative energy supplies and technology. With the recent report from the science community that more needs to be done sooner to address climate change, our future will depend on our ability as a society to come together in support of reasonable laws to address the problem.

Our November 16 all-day CLE program will focus on the legal, policy, economic, and ethical issues involved in fighting climate change. Our outstanding speakers will address the impact the election will have on our efforts to fight climate change, the promotion of new technologies, and the chance for the United States to become the world leader in alternative energy and technologies, while at the same time supplying jobs at home.

In short, with the election of a new president the topics to be addressed on November 16 could not be more important. We hope you will consider attending. Learn more about our speakers and agenda and for a link to register go to