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Lawyers Should Stand with Greta and Youth Climate Movement

The world community over the last few days has seen the reaction of youth across the globe to the unfolding climate change catastrophe. Greta Thunberg’s presence and words at the United Nations in New York were the centerpiece of an international movement of children and young people demanding a stop to the madness of unrelenting […]

Lawyers Climate Week Day 2: Law Firm Action Tuesday

MAKE YOUR ORGANIZATION MORE SUSTAINABLE. 10 QUICK AND EASY ACTIONS     Set your printers to duplex printing by default and use a minimum of 30% recycled content to consume fewer trees. Use a small, thin font like Courier or one that has perforation to use less ink. Create a supplies reuse center to save […]

Lawyers Climate Week Day 1: Take the Meatless Monday Pledge

Skipping meat for one day a week is a modest change that can make a BIG difference in your carbon/methane footprint. Getting your workplace to adopt Meatless Monday will make a far BIGGER difference.   Here are 9 facts for you and your colleagues to consider: Meat production is one of the largest contributors to […]

How to Participate in Lawyers Climate Week

Over the course of the past five weeks, we have introduced you to the different daily themes being held for Lawyers Climate Week.  Starting on Monday 9/23, you will receive a daily email that you can share with your colleagues.  We invite you and encourage you to participate in programs and call to action. Monday, […]

Lawyers Climate Week: Lawyers for Climate Action Now Friday, September 27

Lawyers, individually, and collectively as a profession, are uniquely positioned to advance public sector climate solutions. Protecting society from harm is the most fundamental purpose of law and government. Faced with clear evidence of impending harm, we as citizens and lawyers have a duty to speak out on the need for effective government action to […]

The Global Climate Strike is Coming

The world will be focused on climate change at the end of September.  The United Nations will be holding a climate summit on Monday, September 23. Activities will be taking place all week to focus attention on the challenges caused by climate change and the need for urgent actions to combat it.  The American Bar […]

Lawyers Climate Week: Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonization Webinar Wednesday, September 25, 2019

  Join us for a special session on Wednesday, September 25th, as Call to the Bar and the Law Firm Sustainability Network co-host a webinar session to discuss the book titled Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in the United States and a unique pro bono project in which lawyers draft model legislation to implement recommendations from the […]

Lawyers Climate Week: Law Firm Action Tuesday, September 24, 2019

  Founded in August of 2011, the Law Firm Sustainability Network (“LFSN”) consists of law firms united and committed to promoting the benefits of environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility within their firms and throughout the legal industry. Dedicated to law firm sustainability, LFSN has sought to establish environmental sustainability as a key component of professional […]

Meatless Monday: Do you know what your “methane footprint” is?

Michael Maya, Director International Bar Association – North America (Washington, D.C.) Do you know what your “methane footprint” is?  And why is it so important? Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that is 84x more effective than CO2 at trapping heat in the atmosphere.  Leading scientists and the United Nations have issued multiple, dire warnings […]