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Economists Agree on the Solution to Climate Change

By now everyone should know that there is no reasonable debate among scientists that global climate change AKA global warming is real, is caused by greenhouse gas emissions primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), and will cause catastrophic consequences for humans in the coming decades if we do not substantially reduce emissions soon. If you doubt any […]

Lawyers Should Listen to Scientists on Climate Change

As lawyers, one thing we know is the value of specialists and specialized knowledge, of all types. If you’ve got an ERISA issue, talk to an ERISA lawyer. If you’ve got a skin growth, talk to a dermatologist. We count on specialists to give us advice not based on their own quirky view of the […]

Calling All Counsel Concerning Climate Change

This is the inaugural post for the blog of A Call to the Bar: Lawyers for Common Sense on Climate Change. We are lawyers (including law students) dedicated to convincing government to take immediate action to substantially reduce CO2 emissions. Our group is unique in focusing our call to action at lawyers. We support the […]