If you have questions or are interested in joining a committee, please contact, and the committee co-chair will be in touch.


Communications Committee

Current Committee Co-Chairs: Tracy-Leigh Wessels, Brian B. Egan and Don Saposnek (Editor-in-Chief)

The communications committee edits and approves all outgoing communications from APFM to membership and/or to the public to ensure messaging is consistent with APFM’s mission, vision, and branding, and that content is of the highest quality. The committee also may develop APFM marketing materials, and approve any materials created by other committees, prior to distribution.

The Committee also seeks to maintain a mobile-responsive, attractive, engaging website that informs and educates the public about family mediation and serves the needs of current and prospective APFM members.


Conference Committee

Current Committee Chair: Alice Shikina

The conference committee envisions, creates, and implements all aspects of APFM’s annual conference. Key points of decision-making and execution include: selecting sites for conferences, negotiating a contract with the chosen hotel or other site, inviting workshop proposals, seeking sponsors, seeking and securing plenary speakers, selecting workshops, scheduling sessions, and developing a conference theme.


Continuing Education Committee

Current Committee Co-Chairs: Bob Bordett and Steve Menack.

The Mediator Continuing Education Committee serves to identify and provide training opportunities for AFPM members, including APFM’s webinar series; promote training opportunities for APFM members; promote training provided by APFM members; and review applications for APFM approval of training programs.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Current Committee Chair: Joanna Roth


Finance Committee

Current Committee Chair: Bob Bordett

The finance committee is responsible for developing financial goals, advancing financial policies, and overseeing the budget process that supports the mission, values, and strategic goals of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM). The finance committee also monitors financial information and performance and compares them to APFM’s goals, and proposes to the board options and approaches for achieving its financial goals.


Governance Committee

Current Committee Chair: Bob Bordett

The governance committee is responsible for creating, managing, and recommending amendments to the governing documents of the Corporation, including but not limited to the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Policy and Procedures documents.


Membership Committee

Current Committee Chair: Jennifer Hawthorne

The membership committee is responsible for developing and implementing member benefits that will attract new members and retain current APFM members. The committee may develop programs or campaigns to inspire new membership and create opportunities for existing members This committee also communicates with members about their needs and desires in relation to APFM.


Nominations Committee

Current Committee Co-Chairs: Bob Bordett, Steve Menack, Tracey-Leigh Wessels

The nominations committee recommends an orderly and effective process for submitting a slate of nominees and for electing new Board members. The committee takes into account a range of factors, including, but not limited to, diversity, competence, educational and professional background, commitment to family mediation as a profession, commitment to professionalism, ability to lead and act in a collegial manner, and a willingness to serve. The nominations committee submits to the existing Board the names of APFM members who the committee believes best meet these criteria, for the Board’s consideration.

The committee may also: recommend terms for each existing and recently elected Board member; recommend whether or not Board members should be elected by the members or appointed by the sitting board; recommend procedures to ensure that the nominations process and the elections process are not influenced by favoritism or bias; engage in continuing consultation with members about leadership positions, as well as developing a process for encouraging members to become involved in leadership roles within the organization; and, make any other recommendations as requested by the Board that fall within the matters of nominations and governance that are related to election of new Board members, replacement of outgoing members, and other matters related to composition, continuity and collegiality of leadership.


Practice Standards Committee

Current Committee Chair: Open

The practice standards committee developed APFM’s current practice standards. The committee maintains those standards, and from time to time may make recommendations to the Board to modify those standards.


Public Education Committee

Current Committee Chair: Open

The public education committee solicits, creates, vets, and distributes information about family mediation to the public, describing the characteristics of family mediation and providing information about the many family problems that can be discussed and resolved in mediation. It also encourages and supports APFM members in their efforts to educate the public where they practice. The committee provides links to academic articles, blog posts, videos, and relevant social media posts that mediators everywhere can share with their local audiences. The committee oversees APFM’s social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). APFM members are often sought-after speakers; this committee responds to speaker requests.


State Mediation Organization Committee

Current Committee Chairs: Steve Menack


Verified Training Committee

Current Committee Chair: Brian Egan

The Training Committee serves to increase awareness of APFM to trainers and trainees to increase membership and the quality of Family Law mediators will be enhanced.


Note: The committee descriptions above are up to date as of January 19, 2022.

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