Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The diversity, equity and inclusion committee creates opportunities for professionals of diverse backgrounds to join the APFM mediation community. We support continuing education efforts and regional peer communities in order to further the committee mission, goals and values.

APFM initiated its diversity, equity, and inclusion committee to provide focus and resources to improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion among its membership and populations served by family mediation. APFM recognizes there are many facets of diversity, including race, religion, sex, age, disability, nationality, LGBTQ, profession, and geography.

Through its efforts, the committee strives to expand and diversify APFM membership. We also seek to provide mediation services to communities which are currently underserved. The committee’s work includes: administering a scholarship program to increase mediation opportunities for applicants of diverse backgrounds, supporting peer consultation groups, providing continuing education, and partnering with other organizations to provide relevant content.

Mentor/Mentee Possibilities

We are surveying APFM members for interest in being a mentor (or being a mentee) in an effort to increase the effectiveness of our outreach. We expect to match recipients of scholarship funds with mentors.

We are beginning this project by simply matching those who want to be a mentor with those who want to be a mentee. We intend that those who participate will meet (by phone or Zoom is fine) at least four times in one calendar year. Once prior to the recipient attending the scholarship-supported training, and three times more in the following year.

We ask that any APFM member interested in becoming a mentor or mentee please complete the form below.

DEI Mentor-Mentee
APFM Membership Status
We anticipate opening up our mentor program to current members only.
I have interest in becoming a:
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mediation Scholarships

Scholarships available for APFM-hosted events and membership as well as for mediator training. Our Forrest “Woody” Mosten Mediation Training Scholarship was launched in December 2020.

You Can Help

We invite you to contact us with your interest in supporting our efforts. We also welcome you to make a donation of any amount toward APFM’s General Diversity Equity and Inclusion Fund.

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