Lawyers Climate Week Day 1: Take the Meatless Monday Pledge

Skipping meat for one day a week is a modest change that can make a BIG difference in your carbon/methane footprint. Getting your workplace to adopt Meatless Monday will make a far BIGGER difference.


Here are 9 facts for you and your colleagues to consider:

  1. Meat production is one of the largest contributors to methane in the atmosphere. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 84x more effective than CO2 at trapping heat in the atmosphere.
  2. If all the cattle in the world had their own nation, “Cattle-Nation” would be the world’s third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the U.S.
  3. Animal based foods are far more resource intensive, while plant based foods have a vastly lower carbon footprint.
  4. A third of the world’s crops and a third of available fresh water are used for livestock production.
  5. Eating less meat and more plant-based food can make you and your colleagues significantly more healthy.
  6. The average American consumes about 8 ounces of meat per day.   By eliminating meat from your diet just one day per week you’re reducing your meat intake by 14%.
  7. A Meatless Monday advocate emits nearly a ton less of CO2 per year.
  8. The shift towards plant based foods is being driven by millennials, who are much more conscious of how much meat they eat, where it comes from and how it impacts the environment; a workplace that adopts Meatless Monday is a more millennial-friendly workplace, which may even help with recruiting and retention.
  9. Every burger you replace with a veggie or meat alternative burger is the same as driving your car 320 fewer miles.

Take the pledge and go Meatless on Mondays!  And how about putting Meatless Monday on the agenda of your next staff meeting?

Thank you for giving this your consideration, and please consider sharing these facts with a few colleagues and friends.