Lawyers Climate Week Day 2: Law Firm Action Tuesday





  1. Set your printers to duplex printing by default and use a minimum of 30% recycled content to consume fewer trees.
  2. Use a small, thin font like Courier or one that has perforation to use less ink.
  3. Create a supplies reuse center to save money and use fewer materials.
  4. Reuse materials like bubble wrap and paper for packages and recycle plastic packaging (i.e., shrinkwrap, plastic pouches etc) that bear the Store Drop Off label.
  5. Choose non-stop flights; as much as 50% of emissions come from takeoff and landing.
  6. Opt out of single-serve coffee pods or use ones that are recyclable or compostable.
  7. Buy Energy Star-rated electronics/appliances to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.
  8. Use non-toxic paints/carpeting to reduce pollutants and emissions and to improve employee wellness.
  9. Institute a “last out, lights off” policy to conserve energy and money.
  10. Maintain your HVAC system to ensure optimum temperature, humidity, and air quality to reduce environmental impact as well enhance employee productivity and wellness.


BONUS:  Member of the LFSN?  Complete your ALISS law firm sustainability assessment!  Or become a member and take the assessment!