Lawyers Urge Candidate Debate on Climate Change

The next President will preside over the pivotal period for climate policy and will either make it the main priority for his or her administration or consign future generations to dire health and economic consequences that no later policy can meaningfully address. Proper regard for the future of the planet on which human life depends and for the democratic process requires that the candidates be given an opportunity to discuss their thoughts on the existential problem of climate change and what can be done about it.

For this reason, a group of lawyers and non-lawyers acting as A Call to the Bar: Lawyers for Common Sense on Climate Change has delivered the attached letter to the Democratic National Committee urging it to hold a debate on climate change. A similar request will be made to the Republican National Committee if a contested primary is held.

If you wish to join in this call for a climate discussion and debate please send a note to the Democratic National Committee at or send your own letter with an endorsed copy of this letter.

Thank you for taking action on climate change.