As lawyers, we respect the views of people who are expert in their field, especially scientists. We know that one of the strongest arguments we can make is that a position enjoys the support of the scientific community. On the other side of the coin, we have seen “junk science,” we know how to spot it, and we know it is worth nothing.

So when it comes to climate change, and we survey the vast amount of scientific and technical literature on the subject, we quickly come to understand that the scientists who study climate change agree. The problem is very bad. It is caused primarily by burning fossil fuels. Immediate action is needed to reduce and soon eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, or we face “devastating consequences.” Read the joint 2014 report from the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society. These are the world’s leading scientists, including all of the major colleges and universities worldwide. Much more information on the science of climate change can be found at the web sites listed on this page.

“Knowledge Itself Is Power”

                            ~ Francis Bacon