Season of Hope on Climate Change

Today the cause of combatting climate change gains a very important ally. Pope Francis has issued a papal encyclical on climate change that throws the full moral weight of the world’s largest religious organization in favor of taking action to preserve the planet.

His Holiness has not spoken to us directly, but it’s pretty clear that he is trying to influence public opinion in the critical months leading up to the UN Climate Summit this December in Paris.  The UN Meeting in Paris represents possibly the last clear chance to limit the harm from climate change to a further increase of no more than 2 degrees Celsius, which many climate scientists think is the limit the planet can endure without a full scale catastrophe.

Between now and December, we expect to hear much more from the Pope on climate change, particularly when he visits the United States this Fall and speaks to a joint session of Congress on September 23 and the UN General Assembly onSeptember 25.

We hope to be enlisting a lot of support from lawyers between now and December. We have just launched our social media campaign with three blog posts.

Please check them out and most importantly, share them with others, and ask them to sign the Petition for Immediate Government Action on Climate Change.

We are planning activities now for the remainder of the year, including educational programs at law schools and bar associations around the country. We will share updates about our progress and news item of great interest.