Why You Should (and How You Can) Show Your Support for Obama’s Clean Power Plan on July 30



The Facts

Are you aware of the facts on climate change? Let’s check. Do you think that climate change is (a) real, (b) caused by human use of fossil fuels, and (c) likely to get much worse in coming decades unless brought under control by strong measures?

If you answered “yes” to all three parts, then you are a citizen with an accurate assessment of the facts. Your view is shared by the overwhelming majority of scientists who study climate change.

But what are the strong measures that can get climate change under control? There is wide agreement on that issue too: the number one thing we must do is reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). We are at an all-time-in-human-existence high for CO2 in the atmosphere and that is what is causing the temperature to rise around the globe.

The government of the United States of America is taking strong measure on climate change. By executive order of the President and under the authority granted by Congress in the Clean Air Act, as recognized by the Supreme Court, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is adopting carbon pollution standards for existing for existing power plants that will protect the health of our children and put our nation on the path toward a 30 percent reduction in carbon pollution from the power sector by 2030. The carbon pollution standards for existing power plants are known as the Clean Power Plan.

The Clean Power Plan is a very important and good step toward protecting the planet for ourselves and our children. The EPA is expected to issue the final regulations for the clean power plan early next week, as the New York Times reported today.

Most of the people who control the world’s fossil fuel supply don’t want to reduce CO2 emissions, despite the harm that it being caused, because they make money from fossil fuel usage. They have already paid an army of lawyers, lobbyists, and media specialists to fight the Clean Power Plan in the courts and in the much more important court of public opinion.

It’s critically important that informed citizens speak out and voice their support for the Clean Power Plan. Other measures will definitely be needed, including a congressionally-mandated carbon pricing policy, but the Clean Power Plan is a huge step in the right direction.

Thinking people of conscience agree that strong measures are needed and there is no sound reason why the government of the USA should not implement the Clean Power Plan.

How You Can Show Your Support

On July 30th, there is a campaign for people around the country to show their support for the Clean Power Plan. Numerous environmental organizations are supporting the July 30th Call for Action. You can show your support by doing three things that are easy to do.

First, call you Senators and tell the person who answers the phone who you are and that you would like to leave the message that you support the Clean Power Plan. To find your Senators’ phone numbers, check out this page.

Second, spread the word on social media that you support the Clean Power Plan for all of the reasons explained on the EPA website. Be sure and use these hash tags: #MakeTheCall and #ActOnClimate. You could also send a message through the Environmental Defense Fund.

Third, talk it up with your friends and family.

If for whatever reason you cannot takes these steps on July 30, do them whenever you can. If we all keep doing this we can convince our government to get climate change under control.

Carpe Diem.